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[ ORANGE = NOT needed for KAPPA]
[ BLUE = Lightkeeper's Quests, Not needed for Kappa]
Quest Symbol Keys NOTES
Background Check A Machinery 3-Story Room 205 for the key
Delivery from the Past B Tarcone director's office Folder underneath the desk and go to FACTORY
BP Depot C Mark the fuel tanks with MS2000 markers
Bad Rep Evidence D Portable Bunkhouse The key can be found on factory, Item on the table
Shaking up the Teller E Room 203 3-Story, underneath the bed
Chemical - Part 1 J Room 220 You give the key, Dont need to be FIR, get the item in the wagon
Chemical - Part 2 K Room 220 3-Story, USB Key plug in the computer on the desk, letter between green folders
Big Customer - Out of Curiosity - Chemical Part 4 F Mark the van, GIVE IT TO THERAPIST !!!
Operation Aquarius - Part 1 G Room 206 2-Story, first on left when in the middle
Operation Aquarius - Part 2 Eliminate 15 Scavs on Customs
Pharmacist H Room 114 Key can spawn Sniper Tower, 2-Story, Case top of the safe
The Extortionist I Unknown The item is under the clothes
Informed Means Armed L Between the containers and the bush
Chumming M Stash 3 Golden neck chains in the microwave on the 3rd floor of the 3 story
Bullshit N DO NOT KILL SCAVS, Red car Trunk, 3-Story, 3rd floor on pile of trash in the middle
Tigr Safari O Mark the Tigr Vehicles with MS2000 Markers
The Cult - Part 2 p Room 314 MK 3-Story - Room 314 Marked key, Plant an MS2000
Farming - Part 3 Q Tarcone director's office Yellow package left side of the office
The Courier R under the crane, Stash REAP-IR scope at the 2 places
The Punisher - Part 3 Eliminate 25 Scavs while using an AKS-74U series assault rifle on Customs
Polikhim Hobo Eliminate 25 Scavs on Customs
Capturing Outposts S Eliminate 8 PMC operatives at the Scav base on Customs
Golden Swag T Dorm 303, Trailer park portable cabin 3-stories pick the zibbo on the table, plant it in the bunkhouse
Setup Elimated 15 PMC while wearing Ushanka hat, Scav Vest and Shotgun
Peacekeeping Mission Eliminate 12 Scavs on Customs while wearing a UN uniform (UN helmet, MF-UNTAR body armor, M4A1 rifle)
The Huntsman Path - Evil Watchman Eliminate 5 PMCs in the Dorms area
The Huntsman Path - Trophy Eliminate Reshala
The Huntsman Path - Justice Eliminate 3 Scavs dressed in police uniform (Reshala's bodyguards)
The Tarkov Shooter - Part 5 Eliminate 8 Scavs while using a bolt-action rifle in the time period of 21:00-5:00
A Shooter Born in Heaven Eliminate 5 PMC operatives with a headshot while using a bolt-action rifle on Custom
Information Source Extract from V-Ex

Why a Map Quest Tracker for the map Custom?

In the game Escape from Tarkov, the Custom map is one of the most iconic for its early quests.

A Map Quest Tracker reference page is needed for the players to be able to know where are all the most important landmarks.

Construction site, Dorms, Gas station and all the differents buildings in the center of the map.

With that map quest tracker reference page, players will know where they can complete their quest and progress faster into the game.

They will also have access to some information about the quests.