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[ ORANGE = NOT needed for KAPPA]
[ BLUE = Lightkeeper's Quests, Not needed for Kappa]
Quest Symbol Keys NOTES
Anesthesia A Mark the trading posts with MS2000 Markers
Health Care Privacy - Part 1 B Mark the ambulances with MS2000 Markers
Health Care Privacy - Part 2 C West 306 item at the window
Colleagues - Part 1 D ALL in 1 raid !
Colleagues - Part 2 E Cottage Can split the raids, item on top of the shelf, optha into the pot
Vitamins - Part 1 F West 112 In the fridge
Lend-Lease - Part 1 G East 306 or 308, West 216 Right side of drone In the box, East on balcony, Metal cabinet on left
Rigged Game H Mark the medical containers with MS2000 Markers
Fishing Gear I Stash 1 SV-98 and 1 multitool in the boat
Scrap Metal J Mark T-90 with MS2000 Markers, Right one on the bridge
Eagle Eye K Find the 2 Drones and disk inside
Humanitarian Supplies L Mark the trucks with MS2000 markers, Eliminate 10 Scavs on Shoreline while wearing a UN uniform (MF-UNTAR body armor and UN helmet)
The Cult - Part 1 M Find the missing informant on Shoreline
The Cult - Part 2 N Room East 321, Plant an MS2000
Spa Tour - Part 1 Headshot 7 Scavs on Shoreline while using a 12 gauge shotgun
Spa Tour - Part 2 O Mark the helicopter and the road with MS2000
Spa Tour - Part 4 P West 220 Weat 220, East 220
Spa Tour - Part 5 Q Key on the chair
Cargo X - Part 1 R East 306 or 308 Case on the chair of 306
Cargo X - Part 2 S East 108, Item on blue barrels
Cargo X - Part 3 T Go into the basement, pool room go in the broken wall
Wet Job - Part 1 Eliminate 10 Scavs while using a suppressed M4A1, ADAR or TX-15 on Shoreline
Wet Job - Part 2 U Plant an MS2000 on the table on scav island
Wet Job - Part 3 V Find car on the road
Wet Job - Part 4 W Smallest Office East side, second floor, usb key on the desk
Wet Job - Part 5 X East 328 or universal utility Disk on top of the PC
Signal - Part 1 Y On top of West, need to do both same raid, just need to locate
Signal - Part 3 Z On top of West, Mark 3 places with MS2000
Chemistry Closet 1 Health Resort office key with blue tape Room with red blood hand on the wall, you can wait for the end of the raid and look if its open.
Courtesy Visit 2 Find the 3 houses
Nostalgia 3 Room West 303, bottom drawer
The Punisher - Part 1 Eliminate 15 Scavs while using an AKM series weapon on Shoreline
Test Drive - Part 4 Eliminate 20 PMC operatives while using an RPDN with a 1P78-1 scope on Shoreline
Capturing Outposts 4 Eliminate 8 PMC operatives at the River Station on Shoreline
No Swiping 5 Locate the smugglers' base on Shoreline
Eliminate any 25 enemies in the base area
Peacekeeping Mission Eliminate 12 Scavs on Shoreline while wearing a UN uniform (UN helmet, MF-UNTAR body armor, M4A1 rifle)
Nothing Fishy About This 6 Locate Ragman's SUV
The Huntsman Path - Sadist Eliminate Sanitar
A Shooter Born in Heaven Eliminate 5 PMC operatives with a headshot while using a bolt-action rifle on Shoreline

Why a Map Quest Tracker for the map Shoreline?

In the game Escape from Tarkov, the Shoreline map is one of the most use map for the early levels of a players.

The trader Peacekeeper gives the players a lot of quest in this map.

A map quest tracker reference page for this map is a good way for players to know exactly where they need to go to be able to complete thier quests.

With its most iconic point of interest, Resort, the map Shoreline can benefit from a map quest tracker.

With that map item tracker reference page, players will know where they can complete their quest and progress faster into the game.

They will also have access to some information about the quests and keys needed.