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[ ORANGE = NOT needed for KAPPA]
[ BLUE = Lightkeeper's Quests, Not needed for Kappa]
Quest Symbol Keys NOTES
You've Got Mail A Factory 4 spawn for the letter : between deadscav and dufflebag, open drawer, on cabinet behind chair, adjacent room on the shelf
Glory to CPSU - Part 1 B drop throught 3rd floor into the 2nd floor to access the room with the bicycle
Glory to CPSU - Part 2 C 4 Spawn for the book : in the green drawer, behind the teddy bear, in left side of books on the left bookshelf, on the top of the books on the right side bookshelf
Green Corridor D Go on top of the machine gun that see the convoy
Gendarmerie - Mall Cop E Kill Scavs or PMC with Pistols in this area
Gendarmerie - Tickets, Please F Kill Scavs or PMC with SMGs in this area
Gendarmerie - District Patrol G Kill Scavs or PMC with AR or Assault Carbines in this area
Population Census H Look at the video for all the spawns
Urban Medicine I In the room with broken garage door, Look at the video for all the spawns
Pets Won't Need It J X-Ray room Need to do both places in the SAME raid
Pets Won't Need It - Part 2 9 All in the same raid, last one on top of the map above Cardinal Complex Extraction
Ambulances Again K 10 Spawns, look everywhere in the ambulance
House Arrest - Part 1 L Iron Gate key Cells room 1
House Arrest - Part 2 M Checkannaya 15 Stair landing key can be useful, Warden is the dead body downstairs
Debtor N Hotel room 206 Second Floor
Beyond the Red Meat - Part 1 O Beluga restaurant director Key not always needed, look at the video for spawns
Beyond the Red Meat - Part 2 P TerraGroup meeting room Key not always needed, look at the video for spawns
Revision - Streets of Tarkov Q Mark 3 vehicules with MS2000
Road Close R Go to the convoy, Go on top of the machinegun seeing the convoy like "D"
Your Car Needs a Service S Car dealership director's office AND Car dealership closed section The item is on the left side of the keyboard inside the office
Broadcast - Part 2 T Back of the Sparja Store, just go there
Broadcast - Part 3 2 The last supper
Broadcast - Part 4 3 Abandoned factory marked key The cultist room
Broadcast - Part 5 Locate the ritual spot on Chekannaya st. on Streets of Tarkov, do the rest outside of Streets
Surveillance U Concordia Security room key Basement, item on the table
Watching You V Hotel room 215 USB Key on the window
The Door W Rusted Bloody Key Bring 2x Wifi Camera
Audit X Yellow building, 2nd floor, meeting room under the binders
Ballet Lover Y Primorsky 46-48 skybridge Key on pub
Audiophile Y Primorsky 46-48 skybridge Watch video for spawns
Out of Time Z Watch the video
The Delicious Sausage 1 Visit all super market + get a sausage
Information Source 4 Mark with 2x MS2000 marker patrol vehicule and extract from car extract
Missing Informant 5 Hideout key Journal under the garbage on left side of the room
Spotter 6 Primorsky 46-48 skybridge watch the video
Trouble in the Big City 7 watch the video
Properties All Around 8 real estate agency office room key can be found behind the desk on the wall, Key not needed if item spawn outside the room, look for spawns in the video
Test Drive - Part 2 Eliminate 20 PMC operatives while using an SR-2M "Veresk" with a suppressor and KP-SR2 reflex sight on Streets of Tarkov
Kings of the Rooftops Eliminate 10 snipers on the rooftops on Streets of Tarkov
Dangerous Road Survive and extract from Streets of Tarkov through Primorsky Ave Taxi V-Ex
Pyramid Scheme * Locate all the ATMs
Peacekeeping Mission Eliminate 12 Scavs on Streets of Tarkov while wearing a UN uniform (UN helmet, MF-UNTAR body armor, M4A1 rifle)
Developer's Secrets - Part 1 10 Negociation Room on the right side, just enter the room
Developer's Secrets - Part 2 Relaxation Just enter the room
Dandies U Eliminate 30 enemies while wearing a Bomber beanie and RayBench Hipster Reserve sunglasses, stash Bomber beanie and Raybench inside the barber shop
The Huntsman Path - Crooked Cop Kill Kollontay and his guards,
Cease Fire! Survive and extract from Streets of Tarkov through Klimov Street
The Huntsman Path - Administrator Eliminate any 20 targets at the Pinewood hotel, Shoot a yellow signal flare in the hotel's courtyard
The Huntsman Path - Big Game Kill Kaban, Basmach, Gus + 5 guards
A Shooter Born in Heaven Eliminate 5 PMC operatives with a headshot while using a bolt-action rifle on Street

Why a Map Items Tracker Reference Page for Escape From Tarkov?

As you know Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooter game that requires players to complete quests inside its specific maps.

Players needs to carry, place, find and destroy certain items in the game at specific locations in the different maps.

Trying to complete a certain quest will directly change the way a player moves around the map and play.

A map quest tracker is useful for the Escape From Tarkov players because they can know quickly where is, in the vast environnement of a specific map, the location they need to go to be able to complete their quests.

This can include choosing the right direction, path or shortcut to be able to access the location.

The map quest tracker is also a really good tool to players because it can gives them important information about a quest and also if a key is needed to be able to complete it.

Each quest is different and need to be approach in a certain way.

With the information that a map quest tracker give, it help players to make fast and better decisions during their playtime.